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Laser Machine for Glue Removal

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Widely used in the internal circuit glue cleaning and removal on the 3C electronic products.

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  • Applicable Product

    Widely used in the glue cleaning and removal on printed circuit board in the 3C electronic products.

    Standard Functions

    Double Conveyor Line, plasma dust remover, elevating fixture for laser marking, laser marking system, ventilation system.

    Optional Functions

    Circular conveyor belt, optional product fixture, different types of laser (based on the marking requirement).

    Technical Parameters

    overall dimension2560*850*1750mm
    Total Weight 1000KG
    Moving platform2D servo module platform, circular conveyor belt, focus adjustment platform on Z axis.
    Power Supply AC220V/2.5KW
    Laser Power20W (Optional)
    Working Range1508150 mm (based on the actual condition)